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Chipo Musara Foweraker

Beyond the position as Founder &  Board Member of ORCD Zimbabwe, Chipo Musara Foweraker is a wife, mother and has an intensive background in Special Needs Education, Public Health and Autism. Her professional experience was gained in the United Kingdom as well as in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Norway. She has more than 16 years of teaching experience in Zimbabwe and voluntary work in South Africa and Norway. Chipo has been working in the UK since 2002, in National health Services (NHS) hospitals, residential and care homes and in areas of  Health and Social Care.
Her education was acquired from the University of Zimbabwe, University of Oslo in Norway and in the United Kingdom, from University of Southampton; Strathclyde University and the University of Liverpool. She holds a Diploma in Special Needs Education; a certificate in Health and Social Care;  a Masters in Autism; Masters in Public Health and is a Doctorate candidate.

Chipo is driven and motivated by success. She is hard working, reliable and adaptable to change. Chipo has been an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe and her biggest success was her phone shop business in Harare – in partnership with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Innscor International Zimbabwe.
On the personal side, she loves music and traditional dances. She loves building and renovating houses. Most of all, her passion is to eradicate human suffering and to make poverty history .