Management Board

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Chipo Musara Foweraker (Founder and Board Member)

Beyond the position as Founder & Board Member of ORCD Zimbabwe, Chipo Musara Foweraker is a wife, mother and has an intensive background in Special Needs Education, Public Health and Autism. Her professional experience was gained in the United Kingdom as well as Zimbabwe, South Africa and Norway. She has more than 16 years of teaching experience in Zimbabwe and voluntary work in South Africa and Norway. Chipo has been working in the UK since 2002, in National health Services (NHS) hospitals, residential and care homes and in areas of  Health and Social Care.

Her education was acquired from the University of Zimbabwe, University of Oslo in Norway and in the United Kingdom, from University of Southampton; Strathclyde University and the University of Liverpool. She holds a Diploma in Special Needs Education; a certificate in Health and Social Care; a Masters in Public Health; a Masters in Autism and is a PhD (DClinP) student.

Chipo is driven and motivated by success. She is hard working, reliable and adaptable to change. Chipo has been an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe and her biggest success was her phone shop business in Harare – in partnership with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Innscor International Zimbabwe.

On the personal side, she loves music and traditional dances. She loves building and renovating houses. Most of all, her passion is to eradicate human suffering and to make poverty history.

Sakios Muduma (Executive Director)

Sakios Muduma was born in 1965 to a Christian family, is a devote Christian. He is a happily married father of four with an intense interest in farming. Besides farming he is interested in fishing and basket ball. Sakios is a disciplined; detail oriented social scientist with years of experience in community development in Zimbabwe and the region. He has a passion for applied research aimed at providing practical solutions for improved livelihoods for the underprivileged. Experience gained in WASH and livelihoods projects has developed him into a professional with practical approach to sustainable community projects targeting the underprivileged. Currently he is the current ORCD Zimbabwe Executive Director.


Solomon Makanga (Chairperson)

Mr. Solomon Makanga is a development socio-economist with a university qualification (Bsc. Hnr Sociology, Post Graduate Diploma and Master Degree in Rural and Urban Planning) in development planning and economics that is reinforced by wider experience in monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and projects. He is very conversant and has hands-on experience on project management and coordination, monitoring and evaluation including use of participatory monitoring and evaluation techniques and approaches in assessing ORCD Zimbabwe 2013-2016 Strategic Plan Page 25 impacts and long term sustainability of development project and programmes. He has competently handled a number of assignments on training and capacity building of development oriented staff in Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Approaches. He is also highly skilled in Gender Issues in development.


Nyasha photoNyasha Gloria Sengayi

Nyasha is a feminist and a Campaign Strategist committed to working with women to increase their visibility on the global development agenda in Zimbabwe. She takes an interest in exploring global issues affecting women and is working on opening space for effective Advocacy and Lobbing through Visual Documentation and Campaign Based Programming on the general status of women in Zimbabwe. Nyasha has worked in the civic society for the past four years and has contributed greatly to the emergence of the young women’s movement with youth and young women’s organizations such as Institute for Young Women Development, Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace Building in mining and farming communities.
In addition to her work as a feminist and women’s rights activist, Nyasha sits on three boards of youth led organizations which are Youth Information Education and Behavioral Change Trust (YIEBEC). Hwava Education Trust, and Makkadesh Trust. She is also in the National Advocacy Committee of Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust which partners with more than 60 youth organizations in which she plays an advisory role in making aid effective for youth organizations.
She is also a writer and poet working on promoting the participation of women in telling their own stories through writing. Nyasha is also the founder of Source International, an organisation which seeks to create a global platform for women to resolve local challenges through movement building. She is currently working on her first book.



ChikuraSamuel Chikura 

Samuel Chikura has more than 17 years’ experience working in agricultural research and development, training and extension. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Agriculture from the University of Zimbabwe. He worked as a Principal Livestock Specialist in the Department of Agricultural Research Extension in Zimbabwe for 15 years. During this time he actively participated in the development of on-farm participatory methodologies that are currently being used in Zimbabwe. He also successfully managed a number of international projects including a European Union funded project on Improved Integration of Small Ruminants with a view to Economic and Ecological Sustainable Production in a Small-holder Crop-livestock Production System.

He also worked as a lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture and Wildlife Management at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. He is currently working as an educator in South Africa. Samuel also studied and obtained Part B from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries (CIS). At the moment he is about to complete a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of South Africa and is pre-reading for a PhD.


FungaiFungai Sexton Makoni (Vice Chairperson)

Fungai holds a Master of Science degree in Public Health and a Bachelor of Science Honours in Biochemistry. He is currently finalising a PhD in Public health and wastewater management. Fungai has over 15years experience in undertaking Water and Sanitation work and has considerable experience in designing, implementation and management..Fungai has over the years developed keen interest in exploring ways in which WASH interventions can be sustainable and the creation of demand through capacity development. He also has passion to see the integration of WASH and other sectors and as well as how the private sector can play a crucial role in facilitating developmental work. Fungai is passionate about management excellence, developing and sharing of knowledge and encouraging development of others to achieve specific team goals.



Cleophas Musara  (Board member)

Mr. Cleophas is a devoted Christian, a family man and Director of Mvuramanzi Trust. Cleophas has a wealth of over 30 years experience in public health and community based development programmes with emphasis on community empowerment for the transformation of livelihoods through safe and sustainable WASH interventions. Cleophas has a keen interest in interfacing technology and community development initiatives in which the communities define the adaption of various technological designs for sustainable community development programmes. His fundamental concern being that development assistance should benefit the vulnerable and less privileged community members. Cleophas being an expert in Communication for Development enjoys engaging the voiceless in articulating their concerns. Under the veil of a soft spoken community development practitioner is a mature astute WASH consultant of international repute. Over the years Musara has provided consultancy services on WASH related disciplines for a number of international organisations and government departments in the region. Further to that he is a voluntary advisor on a number of national government training institutions. Mr Musara holds a certificate in Environmental Health, National Diploma in Environmental Health, Diploma in Tutor of Health Science (Environmental Health) and Bachelor of Technology(Environmental Health). Cleophas enjoys reading, playing volleyball and darts